Spanish Immersion Preschool in Houston Uses Play Based Learning

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The best time to teach a child Spanish is in their formative years. The prime age of 2-5 allows teachers to make learning a new language fun and successful. Children love to play, so learning comes naturally when educators incorporate new concepts into fun activities.

Many parents don’t know what to do with their children over those long summer months. Thankfully, signing up with a Spanish Immersion Preschool in Houston is a fun and educational experience.

Learning Spanish Is Imperative

Almost 13% of this country uses Spanish as their primary dialect. It’s also estimated that over 42 million people can speak this common language fluently. With such diversity in Houston, learning Spanish is becoming more critical.

Whether a family has roots to Mexico, or they just want to immerse their children in the experience makes no difference. Teaching a child to be bilingual sets them up for success. Children learn that the beautiful differences between people, languages, and cultures should be celebrated from an early age.

Having Fun Makes Learning Easier

Many studies have been conducted on the best learning environment for children. Researchers have found that children who are having fun will see learning as a game more than a chore. Learning is just an added benefit when a child is laughing and enjoying what they’re doing.

A Spanish Immersion Preschool in Houston strives to teach children that learning a new language is second to fun, making the program work. Television shows have been doing this for years. Learning becomes natural when the child is focused on cartoon characters and entertainment.

Those who want to utilize these services for children ages 2-5 should contact Spanish School 4kids INC.

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